Hi-Spec 27 Pc Pink 3.6V Cordless Electric Screwdriver Set for Woman. USB Rechargeable Battery with LED Light and 23 Driver Bit Set for DIY Home & Office


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  • SAVE THOSE TIRED HANDS: Add a splash of color with the Hi-Spec Pink 3.6V Electric Power Cordless Screwdriver. A portable automatic screwdriver for fast screwing of household DIY fixtures or fittings and quick furniture assembly. NB. This is NOT suited for any drilling usage
  • SCREWDRIVER BIT SET: Just swap out any one of the 23 interchangeable driver bits to match whatever screw needs turning. Find the most commonly used types including Hex/Allen and Torx for furniture shelves hinges brackets panels covers and more
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Just toggle the large trigger up to tighten screws in and down to loosen screws out. Switch on its front LED to brighten covered or dark places. Check its current battery level by pressing the top-button to light a row of LEDs
  • DRIVING FEATURES: Weighing a lightweight of 322g/0.7lb its compact shell with a comfortable non-slip grip houses a single-speed of 180rpm with 2Nm of torque. Its 600mAh NiMh battery is charged in 3-5 hours with the included wall mains charger
  • EXTRA ACCESSORIES: Add the bit extender to reach recessed screwdriving positions. Clean or bore out shallow holes in soft materials with the two steel bits. And a useful handle strap allows convenient hanging and storage after use