GATORTAPE Class 1 Precision 5m Top Reading Tape Measure 25mm Blade – Easy & Accurate Internal Measurements (Metric Only)


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  • UNIQUE TOP READING TAPE MEASURE – Simply position the back of the case flush against an object and extend the blade. You will see your accurate measurement through the viewing window (takes into account the length of the case) without the need to bend the blade for internal measurements making it really easy to use
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – When you hold the GATORTAPE it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and no matter what measurement you’re taking the weight of the body is balanced and there is always a spare finger to lock in that all important measurement.
  • WIDE ACCURATE BLADE – The Gatortape offers a 5m Class 1 Accuracy 1” / 25mm wide blade. This ensures all your measurements are highly accurate assisted by the large numbers displayed through the top viewing window and giving you a standout length of approximately 2.4m
  • STABLE BASE PLATE – The baseplate allows you to rest the GATORTAPE on a flat surface and extend the blade to the vertical measurement freestanding up to 2.8m. This also ensures your measurements are perpendicular to the measuring surface removing the need for a spirit level.
  • REPEATIBILITY – If you need to mark lengths or set distances lock in the blade and repeat time and time again with the confidence that the measurement you need is clearly displayed in the viewing window
  • CHOICES – Available in 3 blade scales Metric Imperial and Dual. The design allows the Metric and Imperial scales to be read both left and right-handed
  • APPLICATION – Perfect for any trade where accurate internal measurements are needed and where accurate and repeatable measurements are required. But it doesn’t stop you using it for all other applications its ergonomic design will ensure its always at the top of your tool kit. This will do the same job as a telescopic measuring rod or telescopic measuring stick at a fraction of the price
  • ACCESSORIES – If you’re onsite you’ll never want to be without your Holster with belt clip to ensure your Gatortape is always stored safely and in reach when you need it. Also available is the Curtain Claw which makes measuring the drop of a curtain easier than ever before.