Double Sided Body Measuring Tape – Pack of 3 Premium Flexible Fabric Tape For Body Measurements, Tailors, Waist, Clothes Measuring Tape – 60 Inch/150 Cm Sewing Tape Measure – Free Ebook


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  • Uncompromised Quality: While ordinary body tape measure is stiff resulting in fraying and faded markings ours is easy to roll and it will last for a long time as it is made of fiberglass and secured with metal clamps on both ends
  • Magnified Accuracy: Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find your specs when using body measuring tape; thanks to our bold and accurately printed readings that help you take the inch-perfect measurements
  • Accomplish Your Fitness Goals: Make our measurement tape a staple in your gym bag because it won’t take much space track your muscle growth and evaluate your fitness progress every day
  • Never Miss A Curve: Our 2cm wide soft tape measure sewing contours to every surface and allows you to read the verticals and horizontals up to 150 centimeters or 60 inches which means you can never go wrong or miss a curve
  • Craftsman’s Buddy: Our pack of 3 measure tape comes with a user guide as an e-book which means you do not have to ever worry about using the tape wrongly