Digital Magnetic Level,ALLmeter Digital Spirit Level 16 inch 4 * 90°0-360°Spirit Level Inclinometer Angle Finder LCD Backlight Display IP54 Bubble for Carpentry,Building,Masonry,Automobile,Masonry


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  • 【High accuracy】digital magnetic level wide measuring range 4*90°(0~360°)the accuracy is ±0.1°at 0°and 90° and the accuracy is ±0.2°at 1-89°resolution: ±0.1° at 0° and 90°±0.2° at any other angle.
  • 【5 measuring units】5 measuring units:°%mm/nin/ft(fraction)in/ft(decimal).this level is a staple in the concrete industry where a high level of accuracy is a must and pitch has to be exact.
  • 【Backlit display】large digital lcd display with backlight easy to read in dark.Long press the H/L buttonthe backlight on.The up/down arrows on the screen indicate which side of the level is high or low whether it is low on the left or high on the right.
  • 【Magnetic bottom】keep focused on the job. magnetic bottom makes level measurements on metal a breeze.Other features include an automatic 3 minutes shutoff to preserve battery power.
  • 【Sound alarm】Sound alarm function with a measured degree of 10 ° there will be a “drip drip” sound reminder. The closer it is to 0 ° the faster the beep frequency will be until 0 ° is a “drip” sound for a long time suitable for leveling purposes.
  • 【Absolute & relative measurement】the regular absolute measurement mode can only measure the angle against horizontal plane. this tool also features with relative measurement mode for quickly measuring angle between two measured surfaces.
  • when the product is running.short press”zero” button and it will directly enter the relative angle measurement(the screen will displays”ref”)long press this button will change to the state of absolute angle measurement and the “ref” will quit.
  • 【Keep things on the level】16 inch digital level features an large lcd display that provides the exact angle of any given surface.with 0 ° and 90 ° horizontal bubbles it can assist in checking the angle ruler.
  • 【IP54 waterproof】digital magnetic level has ip54 protection which makes it suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions. battery cover and other high-sealing truction design make sure its good working in an environment with splashing water and dust.