Bosch Professional 2607017464 40 Pieces Drill Set, Amazon Exclusive (Pick and Click, Extra Hard Screwdriver Bits, with Universal Holder), Set of 40


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  • Can be customised: The adaptable extra hard screw driver bit set offers the right tool for every work area. Bits can be swapped as needed to mix and match sets
  • Click-in system: The bit bundles engage securely in the click slots and you simply need to press the release tab to remove and change these
  • robust bits: Made from S2 modified steel with an optimised heat treatment process
  • Reduces vibrations: The bits have a pointed torsion zone that absorbs forces and vibrations in order to handle torque peak without any problems
  • Compatibility: All bits have a ΒΌ external hex shank compatible with screwdrivers and drills
  • Amazon Exclusive