BOOSDEN Double-Faced Soft Hammer Mallet, Rubber Hammer, Soft Hammer for Home Decoration Installation Hand Tool, 25mm


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  • 【Rubber handle】 The handle of this small rubber hammer is equipped with a rubber handle which has a soft grip can slip and effectively reduce vibration and rebound.
  • 【Double-sided replaceable hammer head]】The double sided hammer small head has good wear resistance and elasticity and will not damage the surface when it is hit effectively protecting the hit surface.
  • 【Product use】 The soft rubber hammer head is soft but strong and durable. Rubber and plastic can be replaced with double heads for interior decoration furniture assembly tile window strip installation wood floor installation jewelry handicrafts etc.
  • 【Hammer design】The perfect selection handle is ergonomically designed comfortable to hold suitable for long-term use and can reduce fatigue.
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