blackspur 16oz Rubber Mallet Hammer Black with Hard Wooden Handle Shaft Blackspur Trade DIY Tools, HM207


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  • SOLID RUBBER CONSTRUCTION This rubber mallet has a single-piece solid secure rubber head. It is black 16oz in weight for strength but non marking at the same time!
  • STRONG WOODEN HANDLE The mallet has a wooden shaft that is strong and ergonomic! It is easy to use non-slip and comfortable reducing hand fatigue.
  • DURABLE & SUSTAINABLE Durable and long life It is made from quality materials and is designed to be strong and hard-wearing. This is a item you will have in your tool kit for years and years!
  • RUBBER OVER STEEL The mallet is suitable for many general tasks where the steel head is considered unsuitable. It is safe with a large surface area for less miss stokes and the rubber material gives it bounce resistance!
  • WIDE RANGE OF USE This is a convient tool to have at hand! It is ideal for trade use as well as many diy uses around the home with flat pack furniture or posts at the beach etc