Amazon Brand – Umi Screwdriver Set 6-Piece, Cr-V Magnetic Screwdriver with Flat-Head and Phillips-Head, Anti-Slip Rubber Handle


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  • [CHROME VANADIUM STEEL MATERIAL] This premium-grade extra-tough Chrome Vanadium Steel screwdriver set provides you with 3 flat-headed screwdrivers and 3 Philips-head screwdrivers in different sizes and lengths. CR-V steel shaft and chrome-plated rod ensure the durability of the screwdriver set. TPR material ensures the grip’s slip resistance and high performance.
  • [MAGNETIC TIPS FOR EASY USE] Each of these screwdrivers is fitted with a strong magnetic tip which makes lining up screws far easier and quicker. With a magnetic tip the components and parts are not lost. Not only does it speed up your job it also makes short work of picking up dropped screws especially those in tight places where fingers can’t reach.((If the magnetism is not enough just magnetize to achieve strong magnetism))
  • [DOTTED RUBBERIZED HANDLE] For added comfort we fit a high quality black plastic rubberized handle with raised gripper dots. This not only makes using our screwdrivers more comfortable on the palms of your hands it also provides much-needed extra grip when tightening or loosening tough screws.
  • [SELECTION OF COMMONLY-USED SIZES] This great-value pack of 6 steel screwdrivers provides you with a choice of popular sizes. Each pack includes the following screwdrivers: 3x Flat-Head sizes (3.0x75mm 5.5x125mm 6.5x150mm) and 3x Phillips-Head (PH0x75mm PH1x75mm PH2x100mm)
  • [PERFECT FOR ALL TRADES] Designed to be tough and hard-wearing our high-performance steel screwdrivers are the perfect choice for all types of work including building electrical mechanical engineering DIY and home/domestic use and general hobbyists.