Amazon Basics 40.6 cm Heavy Duty Shock Resistant Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Spirit Level Plumb/Level/180 90 45-Degree Bubbles with Adjustable Carrying Bag


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  • High accuracy 40.6 cm spirit level for easy leveling: Horizontal accuracy at 180° vertical accuracy at 90° and 45° accuracy—all with a high level of precision: ±0.029°=±0.5mm/m
  • Professional quality: 3 easy-to-read premium vials (0.5mm/m) made of durable acrylic glass with smooth inner contours and bright fluorescent liquid inside
  • Great convenience: Heavy-duty aluminum frame provides rugged strength; powerful magnetic edge for convenient hands-free use—great when working with steel; Includes a nylon carrying bag adjustable shoulder straps for easy hands-free carrying
  • Dependably Durable: Built-in slip-free stoppers for secure placement when making marks; soft shock-resistant TPR rubber end caps; powder-coated yellow-and-black exterior for enhanced visibility on job sites
  • Wide application: Ideal for decoration home furnishings and related work for aligning such as measuring locations on a wall space between hangers level the nails.