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Maplins Electronic Store


Maplin Electronics has 12,000 audio, video, electronic and computer products, components and accessories, all available online. Such a depth of product range makes Maplin the first stop for any online shopper interested in electronics and technology as well as the latest affordable gadgets and gizmos.

Maplin - Maplin Electronics - Maplins - Maplins Electronics

Maplin - It all started in a bedroom in Essex. Today Maplin spans the world. One thing has not changed: the company really knows its customers.
"We launched our business for people like us. Finding electronic components wasn't easy in 1972. Many companies advertised items but most were government or industrial surplus and although cheap, were often inconsistent in their quality and availability". As electronics enthusiasts themselves. Roger Allen and Doug Simmons, both GPO telephone engineers at the time, were well aware of the failings of existing suppliers. In their spare time they made equipment for pop groups such as fuzz pedals and sound compressors, but were often unable to obtain quality components. "There were plenty of catalogues, but you didn't necessarily get what was in them." said Roger. "We thought there must be lots of people like us - people trying to produce professional equipment or hobbyists looking for a reliable source of quality components." Joined by Roger's wife Sandra, a mother of two young daughters, and using a bedroom in the Allen's home in Rayleigh, Essex, they set up Maplin Electronic Supplies.

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Maplins Electronics

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Maplin - Maplin Electronics - Maplins - Maplins Electronics


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